hello friends!

The next few weeks I will be trying to recreate the thousands of outfits that I have pinned over the years. I have a board called “My Style” that consists of every cool outfit I have seen and wanted to try……..but never have. That is until now! This past Saturday I was roaming through my closet like I always do, and realized that I buy clothes to only wear them a few times and give away, or will buy new clothes because I wanted a “new” outfit. Then my brain had a lightbulb moment and cam across my Pinterest board. So, I spent that night cutting, copying and pasting hundreds of Pinterest outfits and then my closet basically threw up because I had to try them on before they made the final cut. Some of them did not make the final cut (which is weird because I’m the one who pinned them right?). Now I have outfits for a solid 2 months. This is exciting and hopefully my bank account will actually have money in it by the end of this :’)

Pinterest link : maceyklipp


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