So, it’s been a while. Yeah, I know, I say that once every 2 months because thats legitimately when I sit down and decide to actually make a blog post. I update my OOTD almost every day but I have no idea why I can never find the time to type a paragraph about my day. Well, while that mystery never gets solved there are some things that need to be discussed!

  1. My spring break starts next week and unfortunately I have nothing planned. Okay, well not nothing. I just mean I’m not going anywhere cool 😦 thats what a retail job will do for you haha. I’m happy to have a week off school though! Only problem is, my parents are going to China for a few weeks (this doesn’t sound like a problem but wait) and I just about jumped in the air. No parents during my spring break heck yes! And by parents I primarily mean my dad who is at my house now 24/7 since retiring and the only place I can go to escape from him is my room…..note to self: invest in a mini refrigerator. Anyways, they just informed me a little while ago about the dates of their travels. THE . WEEK. AFTER. MY. SPRING. BREAK. :/ so, this means I’m going to be stuck in the house with my dad the entire week. And yes, I can leave for sure……for work and school…..he gets REALLY uptight about me ya know actually having a life and going other places than work and school.
  2. BOI. YeS……I know. I’m stupid…..it’s been what like a month??? not entirely sure. BUT GET THIS……I have a plan. It’s a four week plan. And then add on the other 4 weeks that I’ve known him so it’s technically 8. Anyways, the actual plan starts at week 5?? and basically I’m not rushing anything and just letting things play out to see where it goes and what not. Hopefully, by week 8 things will have progressed and well :). So far we are on week 6 and things are looking GREAT. Probably by week 8 it will be quite the opposite, don’t know how I’ll screw it up but we all know I will. Oh, the possibilities of how this could go wrong…..lets count the ways. Okay, let’s not.

YAY! Thats it for today (week?month?year?)

That’s it until I spastically decide to post again hahaha.

Nope, I just remembered I have a few Disney Days coming up so theres a gaurenteed update!


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