It’s currently 12:25 am and I’m just starting homework that was assigned last Monday.

Yeah, so I’ve been either a) REALLY busy 2) VERY distracted of c) Both

I’m choosing C.

Funny how I had time to go shopping, work, and cut up all my old shirts but didn’t find time to do homework….and now I’m procrastinating and making a blog post about it. Hmmm, interesting.

So, this is typically the day where I take some time to look at the upcoming week, because it’s always a good idea to plan ahead!

Homework , work, work, work….work.

I’m not even kidding about that though which is kind of sad but $$$$. Luckily, this week is a little bit more relaxed instead of the past two week I had. These consisted of 3pm – 11pm,4pm – 12am,6am – 2pm, 4pm- 12am, 7am – 3pm, 5am – 1pm shifts (all in that order ) plus 2 tests, 2 essays. And of course the essentials…eating, sleeping, breathing….but only when I had a minute to spare (lol I wish I was actually laughing)


I seriously can’t express how relieved I am for this. It’s been over a month since “holiday hours” and what can be considered the holidays but still……thinking back on those 3 months and it’s all just a blur of time ahahahahahahaahah

I’m so tired that I’m actually just rambling at this point and if I don’t stop now I’m never  going to finish my homework and I’m never going to get to sleep. So, I’ll end this here and try not to pass out while taking Psych notes 🙂


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