WOW…..it’s been a while. I know, I actually don’t know what happened as to why I like dropped off the face of my blog world for a good 3 months. Well, no I know why. There was a person that I was slightly consumed with as well as school, work, and life in general. OK, so I’m bringing it back though, or at least trying too. I have this whole work schedule that now can’t interfere with my school schedule so I’m promised 2 days a week off from work….yay.

This is kind of short because I’m exhausted (already) from Black Friday week at work, which means I’ve been working until midnight almost every day. Honestly, retail requires a certain type of person and low-key that’s not me :’) only because I have 0 energy now from working 8 hours everyday, plus I have a cold from losing sleep AND midterms were this week so my body is like “MACEY STOP” while my brain is like “MACEY YOU WANT MONEY”……see my dilema?


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