Things have been completely chaotic the past few days….hence why daily posts went down. Shit, like seriously I’ve been thrown into a thousand different directions, projects, new people, new opportunities just everything. Not to mention the hell hole that I got myself into, then out of, then into again,and right now I’m not in the hell hole but probably will be back there by the end of today.

So this hell hole is the uncomfy situation of none other than boys. I can thank my trusty sidekick Lynn for helping and dressing ugly for my benefit. So basically, there is this boy who you would think was super shy and sweet and if we hadn’t talked to him he might not even know what a girl was.


We were SO wrong.

This boy is possibly the most egotistical douchbag I have ever met in my entire life and yet no matter how many times I say that I hate him or I’m over it, then he does something sweet and I kind of forget about everything else. I mean, what he does isn’t terrible it’s just kind of idiotic and not well though out.

Granted, he was probably just shy at the beginning because the situation we were in can be kind of awkward at the beginning but then in a short amount of time we bonded extremely quickly and of course….I fell way to hard (into the hell hole, black pit, abyss….you pick)

Then got out of it because we talked it over, then got back into it when I freaked about a small thing, and then back out of it when I figured I might as well try to gain the attention of the other boy I am interested in and……he was actually helpful and humorous about it. But then again, I don’t know if tomorrow he’s gonna turn around and do something shady.




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