So, right now I am extremely conflicted between two very cute boys #firstworldproblems.

But no, like seriously. VERY cute boys and I have made  personal connections with both of them either over along period of time or a very short amount of time. Either way, both of them mean something to me and it’s kind of driving me crazy because I feel like I need to choose between one of them because if I don’t and keep being “more than friends” with both of them at the same time then that could get messy.

Here is the breakdown :

Boy #1 :  VERY cute, super funny and nice, easy to talk to, slightly taller than me by like 5 inches but it’s a cute height difference.

Boy #2: ALSO VERY CUTE, really shy around everyone but me, gets my jokes and has a sense of humor, is also funny,  I don’t see him as much as boy #1 but when I do it’s always a good time.

So that’s my life now and it’s great. Also, I start college tomorrow and there will probably be more boys to conflict myself with. Sooooooo excited for that.




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