🙂 Hello to anyone who bothers to read this! So I’ve been in college for almost 2 months now and low-key it’s august so like how is that possible? Well, summer classes. I graduated high school in June and started college 10 days later. Granted, that was my choice and although it was quite a struggle to watch all my friends go on summer adventures and sleep in every morning while I was doing homework, studying, and working 20 hours a week , it was WORTH IT! See how most of this is grammatically correct and there are actually capitals at the beginning of each sentence! That’s what school will do for you 🙂 I’m totally kidding….I know sentences start with capitals….I’m majoring in Journalism, of course I know that.

Anyways, so my school schedule is possibly the most amazing setup I’ve ever had for classes. Monday and Wednesday, 3 classes, 8:30-12:45 and thats IT. I did tell my job that basically every waking moment I’m not in school I’m available so fingers crossed they don’t actually take that seriously.



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