Ok so here’s a story. What I mean by “story” is whenever I’m about to go off on a rant about something. So, I love my job, like actually love. I’ve been there for about 3 months now and I’m in fitting rooms and putting clothes back but everyone is supposed to be cross trained on registers when they do their initial training but like low-key i haven’t been trained yet and my two friends who just got hired a week ago ALREADY GOT TRAINED. and i’m like okay wtf that’s messed up and i get it that training me isn’t the biggest priority but we just lost a bunch of hours and they can’t give  a lot of people as many hours as they would like, so they have like one or two people on the eight registers every 4 hours. anyone who works there should be cross trained on registers so they can back up but I CAN’T. and one of the managers got mad at me one time because they called for backup and i did’t respond because obviously i can’t do it. so how does that make sense? it doesn’t. so yesterday i went and asked the manager when i would be put on training because both of my friends got trained and i would like to grow with the company. also, they fuck up my schedule all the time and schedule me when i specifically put on my availibility that i’m not able to come. so for example , i got to school mon-thurs 8am-12pm, so i put 12:30 mon-thurs and they schedule me 10am-2pm ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME. and like, seriously? that’s not ok and school is a priority. anyways, i went to go in to talk to the manager about register and my schedule and he FLIPPED OUT. he was yelling at me about how they don’t have enough hours and i wasn’t important and all this shit that got thrown in my face and it was so bad that it caused me to start crying. not in front of the manager but i went to the bathroom and broke down. the rest of my shit was not any better because everything i did he would tell me i did it wrong and he separated me from the rest of my team and it was awful. we needed like 12 store memberships for the day to meet goal and we only had 6 so i think he was just angry about that and took it out on the nearest person. this guy is horrible, he expected me to be on top of my game after he just made me cry. he is actually a robot. he has no emotion and is always “breaking down” or “malfunctioning” as in always wanting to be alone or just going into his office for hours on end and not doing anything. idk the FBI needs to inspect him or some shit. OH and the best part is that before i was crying he told me he needed to talk to me about a situation that happened last week. and i’m like ok what was it about? and he would’t tell me. so i was nervous as fuck the entire shift and getting super paranoid and i was dropping things and tripping and it was NOT good. it was getting close to the end of my shift and he still hadn’t addressed what situation he was talking about. eventually i was done for the night and as i was leaving i asked him what it was exactly and he said that he would talk  to me on my next shift. so, i still don’t know and now i have to spend the next 6 days STILL nervous as fuck about what the hell i could have possibly done. but like actually i have no idea. i could’t have done anything. all i do is put clothes away and help customers who need items on the top shelfs. how could someone fuck that up? you can’t so like WHY DOES HE HATE ME 😦 luckily, he’s  not our only manager so the closing manager rotates and hopefully i won’t have to close with him next week. lol in 6 days he probably won’t even remember whatever “situation” i was involved in. what if he just saw me doing something and decided to make a big deal about it just to tell me i was in trouble and scare me. idk he’s a robot and robots are weird.


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